IS ISLAM THE BEAST?  Many Scholars Today Are Seeing New Evidence That Says YES!

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"Is Islam The Beast?"
An In-Depth Study On The Biblical Facts
I've been doing alot of studying on this particular subject lately and have learned some very interesting facts that I'd like to share here with you.  Could it be that Islam is the beast predicted in  the Books of Daniel and Revelation?  I think the possibility is high!

I watched this documentary called "The Woman Rides The Beast" wherein the guy spouted off all the same stuff that people have been thinking for years.  That Rome is the beast and that the Catholic Church is the "woman who rides the beast".  But  does Rome really fit the prophecy?  I don't think so.  I had to make a comment on this documentary to share with others "why" I don't believe that Rome is where we should be looking at in today's world.  The comment is as follows:

This video is making a critical error in stating that Rome is the "only" city that matches this prophecy.  "Mecca" is actually the "only" city that I know of that fulfills this entire prophecy. The truth is that Rome doesn't fit this prophecy at all and I'll give you the proof below:

1. Daniel 11:45 tells us: "And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas (PLURAL) in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help
Rome sits on "one" sea, that being the Mediterranean; not many "seas" as Daniel 11:45 states.

"Mecca" sits right in the middle of Saudi Arabia and Israel (the "beautiful holy mountain") AND on "many waters" and "many seas" as follows:

1. The Caspian Sea;
2. The Black Sea;
3. The Mediterranean Sea;
4. The Red Sea;
5. The Persian Gulf;
6. The Gulf of Oman;
7. The Arabian Sea; and,
8. The Gulf of Aden.

2. Revelation 17:9 tells us: "And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth."

Rome doesn't have any mountains. Yes, it sits on seven "hills", NOT mountains. However, "Mecca" sits on both 7 mountains AND 7 hills! The 7 mountains are:

1. Jabal Quba;
2. Jabal al Qinna;
3. Jabal Li Aali;
4. Jabal Jifan;
5. Jabal Jijad;
6. Jabal Qubais; and,
7. Jabal Hindi.

The 7 hills that Mecca sits on are:

1. Jabal abu Siba;
2. Jabal Safa;
3. Jabal Marwah;
4. Jabal abu Milhah;
5. Jabal abu Ma'aya;
6. Jabal abu Hulayah; and,
7. Jabal abu Ghuztan.

It seems pretty apparent to me that there's no way in heaven that "Rome" fits this particular prophecy. I'm looking at Mecca myself, simply because IT DOES.

On top of all that, if you do your homework, you'll find that:

1. In Daniel 9:11, the word "curse" in that verse means "'alah". Even though there are many different Hebrew words that "could" have been used for the word "curse", God chose to use "this particular word" in "this particular verse". I don't know, I think He's trying to tell us something there.

2. The english word "Islam" translated into Hebrew makes two words - "Ai Sulam" - which means "ladder to ruin". Kind of interesting.

3. Look at Islams fruits! Does ANY other nation of people in this world today "teach their children to grow up to blow themselves up in order to murder other people" in the name of "religion"? To my knowledge, Islam is the only "religion" in the world that does this. Could this be the modern day version of "burning or offering their children in the fire as sacrifices for Molek/Molech"? I don't know, but it sure does remind me of what we read in the Bible about this and it's nothing short of pure evil.
4. The Hebrew word for "violence" is "hamas". Sound familiar?

5. As far as "spiritual fornication" goes, it's obvious that the Catholic Church basically "married the world" AND adopted MANY pagan rituals and holidays; including CHANGING one of the Ten Commandments which is to "keep the Sabbath Day holy"! The Sabbath day is and has ALWAYS BEEN "Saturday". NOT Sunday. But the Catholic Church is guilty of causing many generations of Christians to believe that because "they" changed God's Sabbath day to Sunday, that we should no longer obey this Commandment. Pretty bad stuff all around, including everything this guy brought up in this video. However, it will be God that will bring judgment upon the "institution" and "leaders" who have taught so many millions of people to break God's Commandments, including all of His Feast Days.

That being said, you really can't go any further than Islam has, does, and will continue to do as far as "spiritual fornication" goes. They serve a false god and do everything they can to destroy and murder "God's" people. Jew and Christian alike! More Christians are being murdered and put in prison today by radical Islam than I can count. Over-all, in the 20th Century alone, more Christians have been killed that if you were to put together ALL of the Christians martyred in every other century and add them up! Check out Voice of the Martyrs at "". Sadly, many people today have NO IDEA just how many Christians are already being persecuted in the name of Jesus! And mostly ALL by radical Islam Muslims. And let's not forget how these people openly (even on television - I've seen it in the news many times now) state that their main objective is to murder all the Jews and take Israel!

Put all that together along with the geographical facts showing that "Mecca" is actually the city the Bible is talking about and it becomes pretty obvious that Islam IS the beast and Mecca (their most "holy" city) is the woman riding it!
Something to really think about considering that most all Christians understand that we are now living in the end days along with the fact that EVERY time you turn on the news, we're hearing about all this trouble in the middle east and radical "Islam" doing something else that's just plain evil. It would be hard NOT to see that the Anti-Christ will most likely come out of the "Eastern" leg of the fallen Roman empire; meaning NOT Europe or Rome. Islam also fits MANY other prophecies given about this too. Like the clay mixed with iron in the feet and toes in Daniel's vision, that can't really mix. Yes, Islam fits that prophecy too. There are 55 Muslim nations in the world today. And whenever they move to another land, they "can't or won't" mix in with whatever culture or nation their in. In their minds, they have to stay separated in their own neighborhoods wherever they go to live, at least the radical Muslims do. This too fits the prophecy. They own more land today than at any other time in history including the Ottoman Empire! However, there are many different sects of Muslims today and they're all fighting against each other! Their main problem is in leadership because they can't stop fighting with each other long enough to agree on anything. This is why they have so many problems in uniting and if we're to believe the Bible, they won't be able to until Anti-Christ comes on the scene and the final seven year tribulation starts. Their fulfillment of Bible prophecy goes on and on. It's something I've been studying myself and it's something you'll have to study yourself to really start seeing the facts of the matter because of the vast amount of prophecy "they" are fulfilling!

That's why I'm thinking that it's "Islam" that's the beast here and many scholars today are starting to see the very same things. So in my opinion, this video is just plain way off base simply because it didn't take all the aspects of the entire prophecy into consideration. If it did, this guy would know, as so many others are now seeing, that Rome just doesn't fulfill everything about this prophecy that the Bible teaches us. This video, in my opinion, is just spouting off the same old stuff that people have been thinking for many, many years now.

The truth of the matter however, is that we know much more today than we did then (I'm assuming this is an old documentary made before the rise of Islam in our modern day world) and it's way off base as to "who" the "woman who rides the beast" is. If your looking for the beast or the woman who rides the beast, look at Islam and Mecca...

Lisa B

Below you'll find a four-part video teaching on this subject that will give you the detail and much more information about why many scholars today are starting to look at Islam as the beast! 

Is Islam The Beast?

The Middle East and Islam are the main players in end time events.  This teaching will do two things for you:  (1)  It will challenge your thinking and theological points of view in regards to Prophesy; and, (2)  It will reveal to you the evidence of why Islam may be the “Beast” spoken of in Revelation.  We will answer the questions of the 666 and reveal its hidden meaning and discover and expose the agenda of a religion that is trying to take over the whole world and convert them to Islam or die.  Teaching is by Pastor Rico Cortez of Wisdom In Torah Ministries.
Also see video teachings below this article for in-depth teachings on why scholars today believe that Islam is most likely the "beast" of Bible prophecy!
Videos are being uploaded, so if one isn't available yet, it will be shortly!
"Is Islam The Beast?"
Part 1

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"Is Islam The Beast?"
Part 2
"Is Islam The Beast?"
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"Is Islam The Beast?"
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