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1.  The Omega Code
2.  Meggido - The Omega Code 2
3.  The Revolutionary (Film About Jesus)
4.  The Revolutionary II
5.  The Emissary (Film About Paul)
6.  More Than A Carpenter
7.  Too Young To Die
8.  Angels - Miraculous Messengers
9.  To Hell And Back
10.  Hal Lindsey - The Resurrection On Trial
11.  No More Tears
12.  The China Cry
13.  Virtual Memory (Bible Trivia Game Show)
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1.  David: The Bible Collection

2.  The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel:  A
      Journalist's Personal Investigation Of
      The Evidence For Jesus!

3.  Jeremiah:  The Bible Collection

4.  Giant Life Forms: (2 Part Series)  Part 1 - World Conditions Before The Flood,
                                      Why People Lived So Long And Much More!  Part 2 - Fossil
                                      Evidence Prooving Accounts In Genesis

5.  Abraham:  Inspiring and exciting adaptation of the Biblical story about an ordinary
     man called on by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac, and who went on to found a nation.
     Richard Harris and Barbara Hershey star in this epic production.

6.  Esther - The Bible Collection:  ESTHER is the movie account of Ahasuerus, a King of Persia
whom disowns his wife after she ignores his orders, and begins a quest to replace her. He meets
a beautiful young Jewish girl named Esther whom he instantly falls in love with, without knowing
     of her Jewish heritage. With great personal risk she asks the King to halt a planned genocide of
     the Jews by his right hand man Haman. He does so, and in turn paves the way for her their return
     to Jerusalem

7.  The Book of Matthew - NIV Word for Word Movie!: "VISUAL BIBLE"
     Watch Scripture come alive in this Word for Word dramatization of the Book of Matthew!

8.  Jacob: The Bible Collection:  This is a great movie starring Matthew Modine and Lara Flynn 
     Boyle who turn in wonderful heartfelt performances as Jacob and Rachael. This is also a
     wonderfully fun way to learn the Bible, as this movie is very Biblically accurate!!!

9.  Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed:  2008 Documentary.  Academic freedom is being suppressed,
     says Ben Stein.  He points out some terrible facts that professors from around the United States
     have been and still are being fired from their jobs for promoting, or even exploring the possibility
     of intelligent design as an alternative to Darwinism.  Stein interviews the expelled academics and
     other supporters of intelligent design along with interviewing the scientists in the mainstream who
     support Darwinism.  He shows vintage clips of educational films and Hollywood movies illustrate
     points in an obvious way.  Mr. Stein isn't the first to point out this terrible set of circumstances
     either!  Through my own exhaustive studies in this area, I've found that these facts are commonly
     known among many, if not ALL, scientists!  This is just another great example of how masses of 
     people are being lied to and misled in today's world, the worst of it being that it's happening in
     schools and universities all over the United States that are teaching our children and
     young adults!  This is also another great example of what the Bible told us would happen in the end days and a highly contributing
     factor of the decline of society on a whole.  Everyone should know the facts and look into this for yourselves!  A thorough
     investigation will bring to light that the facts  in this documentary are true and, most likely, cause you to really rethink alot of what
     you've been taught to believe is factual truth in public school, college or most any
     university!  See our "CREATION Vs. EVOLUTION--JUST THE FACTS" page to learn more!

10.  Samson & Delilah:  The Bible Collecton

11.  Solomon: The Bible Collection:  2-Parts

12.  The Resurrection On Trial - Scroll down to bottom of page to watch.

13.  Mother Teresa:  Olivia Hussey stars as the peerless Mother Teresa, the Albanian Catholic nun whose 
       legendary selfless work among the poor and outcast of Calcutta, India, inspired hearts around the 
       world. Avoiding the sanctimonious, this stirring biography takes a clear-eyed look at the powerful
       that drove Mother Teresa to challenge civil and  religious authorities and reach the needy on their own 
       terms.  Sebastiano Somma and Michael Mendl co-star./Length: 1 hour, 50 minutes - 2003

14.  Joseph:  The Bible Collection - OR - Watch On YouTube:  The Old Testament story of Joseph, favorite son 
       of Jacob (Martin Landau) and great-grandson of Abraham, who was sold into slavery by his brothers, but 
       who rose to become prime minister of Egypt. Joseph (Paul Mercurio) governed the country during a 
       seven-year famine, during which his brothers visited Egypt seeking grain, only to encounter their 
       brother, whom they had long presumed dead. Also features Ben Kingsley and Leslie Anne Warren.

15.  The Final Week Of Jesus:  A one hour teaching that will give you insights into what Jesus
        went through in that final week along with all the amazing prophecies He fulfilled - ALL to
        the EXACT TIMING & SPECIFICATIONS!                                           

16.  STARTLING PROOFS - Does GOD Really Exist?:  It's the demand of every skeptic.  
       "PROVE to me that God exists."  Well, NEW EVIDENCE has come to light and is STILL 
       being discovered in many different areas of our sciences! 

       As this shocking new video shows, the evidence of a Superior Being (GOD) is a matter
       of FACT!  "Bringing Modern Technology, Scientific Reasoning and analysis of numerous
       experts into play,  this WHOLE Video leaves even the toughest skeptic no choice but to BELIEVE that 
      GOD really exists!  But hey, don't take my word for it, YOU BE THE JUDGE!

       In this fast-moving docu-drama, you'll SEE THE STARTLING NEW EVIDENCE FOR YOURSELF!  
       Featuring Scientists and leading Bible Scholars like Peter & Paul Lalonde, Grant Jeffrey, Dave 
       Breese, Dave Hunt, and Chuck Missler, this is one video that you can share with your unsaved 
       friends and loved ones. It's "One of the BEST all-around Creation videos covering science, 
       prophecy, and archeology! 

       If your one of the many skeptics yourself or just want REAL PROOF that GOD "DOES" ACTUALLY 
       EXIST, YOU NEED to watch this video from beginning to end!  If you've been looking for CONCRETE

Watch videos that answer questions on subjects of Astronomy, The Big Bang Theory, Archeology, Man's Truth vs. God's Truth found in the Bible, Where Did God Come From?, Science & The Bible, MILLIONSOF YEARS: Where did the idea come from?, Defending The Faith, State of the Nation, Unwrapping the Pharoh's, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!
See the latest breaking news footage to the right that talks a bit about what's explained in "The Fabric of Time"!
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