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"The Ten Commandments - Full Version (Animated)"

Elijah The Prophet:  The crowd was still and hushed as the words of the great prophet Elijah thundered down
                                                                 from Mount Carmel, “How long will you go back and forth between two opinions? If the
                                                                 Lord be God, follow him! If Baal be god, then follow him and be done with it!” This
                                                                 unforgettable story relives those fateful days when the faith of ancient Israel hung in the
                                                                 balance, and challenges us to consider our faith as well. 

Daniel The Prophet:  Babylonian forces invade Jerusalem and carry away many of the city’s finest young people,
                                                                  including Daniel and his three young friends, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. In
                                                                  captivity, the youths are in the king’s service and outperform all their rivals...pleasing the
                                                                  king and frustrating their enemies. When Darius, the new king, makes Daniel his first
                                                                  president, Daniel’s enemies plan a trap to have him killed. When Daniel survives being thrown
                                                                  in the lion’s den, he proves that God still rules over the affairs of men. 

Samuel The Prophet:  Wisdom, inspiration, judgment and other positive character traits are taught through The
                                                                   Story of Samuel the Prophet. In keeping her vow, Hannah dedicates her child to God. From
                                                                   his days as a young boy serving Eli, the high priest, to guiding the ancient Israelites,
                                                                   Samuel the prophet stands as an inspiring example of how we, too, can delight in our
                                                                   relationship with God.

Joseph In Egypt:  Follow Joseph, a young Hebrew boy, is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers and taken to
                                                           the land of Egypt. He does not forget the lessons about God that his father Jacob taught him.
                                                           When cast into prison for a crime he did not commit, Joseph interprets the dreams of his
                                                           companions and earns the respect of all he meets. Joseph is called upon to interpret
                                                           Pharaoh’s dreams and is granted a position of power in Pharaoh’s court.