Are We Living In The Last Days?  Bible Prophecy Says YES!  Learn more about what these prophecies are, which one's have already been fulfilled and which ones we are still waiting to see fulfilled here! 
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The Bible foretells many signs that would culminate in the last days.  Jesus indicated these signs would arise together as His return drew near (Matthew 24:33-34).
Though many of the following prophecies won't climax until the Tribulation period, our generation is the FIRST to see "EVERY" trend in place!  As the final seconds of this age tick away, the prophetic events that follow will come into even clearer focus.  Keep in mind as you read through all the prophecies to follow, that these prophecies were penned 1,900 to 3,500 YEARS AGO!  I will be adding 101 End Days Prophecies and their fulfillments over the next several months along with some great movies, world news and documentaries, so check back every so often to see what's new!

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     "The Hal Lindsey Report - 5/21/2010"    
     Bringing You Prophecy Being Fulfilled In The News!    
     Isaiah 42:9: (NRSV) Behold, the former things have come to pass, And new things I declare; before they spring forth I tell
you of them.

     Isaiah 46:9-10: (
NRSV) Remember the former things of old, For I am God, and there is none like Me, Declaring the end from
the beginning, And from ancient times things that are not yet done, Saying, "My counsel shall stand, And I will do all My

     John 13:19: (
NRSV) Now I tell you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe that I am He.
"Countdown To Eternity"
     Are you searching for absolute truth?

     Through prophecy, the Bible authenticates that it alone transcends time and space. No other book dares to establish its credibility by telling the future in advance. The Bible is 100% accurate and prophecy proves it.

     Bible teacher Bil Gallatin hosts this provocative look at the "Signs of the Times" with Dave Hunt, Chuck Missler, Roger Oakland and Chuck Smith. In this video, we will look at several areas in Bible Prophecy currently being fulfilled. Including ... Moral Decay, Israel, Technology, and more!
Bible Prophecy #1 -
FULFILLED--See The Voice Of The Martyrs!
Jesus said we would be hated for His Name's sake (Luke 21:17; Revelation 6:9-11; and, Revelation 20:4).
     Luke 21:17:  (NRSV)  You will be hated by all because of My Name.

     Revelation 6:9-11:  (
NRSV9  When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slaughtered for the Word of God and for the testimony they had given, 10 they cried out with a loud voice, "Sovereign Lord, holy and true, how long will it be bef0ore You judge and avenge our blood on the inhabitants of the earth?"  11 They were each given a white robe and told to rest a little longer, until the number would be complete both of their fellow servants (the Greek reads slaves) and of their brothers and sisters (the Greek reads brothers), who were soon to be killed as they themselves had been killed. 

     Revelation 20:4:  (
NRSV)  Then I saw thrones, and those seated on them were given authority to judge.  I also saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony to Jesus (Or for the testimony of Jesus) and for the Word of God.  They had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands.  They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years. 
     Matthew 24:33-34:  (NRSV33  So also, when you see all these things,
you know that He (Or it) is near, at the very gates.  34 Truly I tell you, this
generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place.
The banning of the Bible, prayer, the Ten Commandments, nativity scenes, Christmas songs, etc., reflects this trend.  Also consider that more Christians were martyred during the past century than during ALL previous history!
     Bible Prophecy Revealed    
     With Grant Jeffrey    
Bible Prophecy #2 - FULFILLED!
False Bible teachers will bring in heresies, have many followers, and cause others to reject God's Word.
       2nd Peter 2:1-2:  ("NRSV") - (False Prophets And Their Punishment
       1  But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there     
  will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in               
  destructive opinions.  They will even deny the Master who bought  
  them--bringing swift destruction on themselves.  2 Even so, many     
  will follow their licentious ways, and because of these teachers (the     
  Greek reads because of them) the way of truth will be maligned.    
It is very common today to find people who reject the Bible out of hand because they have heard it misrepresented by a false teacher.  One of the false teachings running rampant today, even in many Christian churches around the world, is the false teachings of what I and many others like to call "the prosperity gospel".  Many people are being misled into a false gospel teaching that God wants us to be rich and all these other things that the people of today want to hear.  However, these teachings are leading people "away" from the true Gospel of truth!  Repentence for sin in the saving grace of Jesus, the fact that Jesus warned us that "this life" would NOT be easy, the fact that Jesus told us in no uncertain terms that "whoever would save his life would loose it, and whoever would loose his life to follow Him would be saved", and let's not forget that God's Word clearly teaches us that "those who love this world are enemies of God"!  And all these are just the very basics of the integral teachings that God's Word gives us!  Yes, God wants us to be rich, but He wasn't speaking of money, He wants us to be rich in Spirit and in love!  This is just one of the many false teachings flying around the world today.

THE TRUTH IS THIS:  UNLESS YOU STUDY AND KNOW GOD'S WORD AS PRESENTED TO US IN THE BIBLE, YOU MOST CERTAINLY "WILL" BE MISLED BY ANY AND EVERY FALSE TEACHER WHO IS SPEAKING WHAT "YOU" WANT TO HEAR OR BY WHAT SOUNDS GOOD TO "YOU"!  But this is NOT where true joy, peace, contentment, love, and all of God's gifts of the Holy Spirit come from; and, this is NOT where salvation is to be found!  This, my friends, is a direct path to hell. 

Jesus had told the disciples that false teachers would come (see Matthew 24:11 and Mark 13:22-23).  Peter had heard these words, and at this time he was seeing them come true.  Just as false prophets had contradicted the true prophets in Old Testament times (see, for example, Jeremiah 23:16-40 and Jeremiah 28:1-17), telling people only what they wanted to hear, so false teachers were twisting Christ's teachings and the words of His apostles.  These teachers were belittling the significance of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection and we are seeing the very same things happening, only much worse, today. 

Some claimed that Jesus couldn't be God (see today's astounding proof in the Shroud of Turin that shows us that Jesus was, indeed, God by watching "The Fabric Of Time" (#15 on the list of movies) - even science is now showing us that this image could "NOT" have been formed by man!); others claimed that He couldn't have been a real man (see all the historical evidence for Jesus along with a mass of other evidence showing that Jesus was a "real man" who existed and lived on this earth by watching "The Case For Christ" by Lee Strobel).  These teachers allowed and even encouraged all kinds of wrong and immoral acts, especially sexual sin. 

We must be very careful to avoid false teachers today.  Any book, tape series, or TV message MUST be evaluated according to God's Word.  Beware of special meanings or interpretations that belittle Christ or His work.  KNOW God's Word yourself and check ANYTHING that even sounds a little off to see for yourself what God's Word really says!  We ARE living in the end days now - without God's Word to guide you in His Truth, you will get easily lost and deceived.  Don't let this happen to you!
     "God's Word - 2nd Peter"    
     "The Deceivers"    
Bible Prophecy #3 - FULFILLED!
2nd Peter 2:3 tells us that these false prophets would be money hungry, smooth talkers. 
       2nd Peter 2:3:  ("NRSV")  And in their greed they will exploit you with 
  deceptive words.  Their condemnation, pronounced against them long     
  ago, has not been idle, and their destruction is not asleep.    
A growing number of TV evangelists epitomize this.  They twist the Scriptures, using misleading words, to make merchandise of the unwary.    

Teachers should be paid by the people they teach, BUT these false teachers were, and still are to this day, attempting to make more money by distorting God's Truth and saying instead, what people "want" to hear; even though these teachings go completely against God's Word as given to us in the Bible.  These types of false teachers are more interested in making money than in teaching God's Truth.  Peter and Paul both condemned greedy, lying teachers; or, as they call themselves today, "evangelists".  Not all evangelists do this, but there are a majority of them today that are.  This is why you NEED to check your Bible against what ANYONE teaches you!  Make sure for yourself that it's REALLY God's Word they are teaching by not only reading the Scripture passages they use, but also what that passage means within the "context" of the Bible!  All false teacher's will take Scripture directly from the Bible and use it "out of context, to make it sound like it means what "they" want it to mean instead of what it's actually saying.  Be very careful of this!  This is the MAIN WAY false teachers use the Bible to mislead others! 
       1st Timothy 6:5:  ("NRSV")  . . . and wrangling among those who are   
  depraved in mind and bereft of the truth, imagining that godliness is a   
  means of gain.  (Other ancient authorities add "Withdraw yourself    
 such people.

  *  In my opinion, this last sentence should have stayed in every version 
     of the Bible.  It's very wise advice!  ANYONE who twists the Word of  
     God for monetary gain, should definately be avoided at all costs!    
Before you send money to ANY cause, evaluate it very carefully.  Is the teacher or preacher clearly serving God and helping others in need or are they promoting their own interests?  Will the money be used to promote valid ministry, or will it merely finance further promotions and line their on pockets?  Do they teach God's Word, IN CONTEXT, as the Bible teaches us, or are they just preaching what the majority of the population wants to hear without ever speaking of the consequences of sin and our need for salvation through Jesus Christ to cleanse us from our sin?  Do they only focus on the positive of God's Word without warning people of the dangers they face?  Do they let people know that when you say the Lord's prayer for salvation, that they must mean it in their hearts and that this new dedication to Jesus our Lord requires a dedication of everything they are, their entire lives, to living by God's laws the way Jesus told us in the Bible?  Jesus said, "Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him.", John 14:21; and, "If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have obeyed my Father's commands and remain in his love.", John 15:10.  Giving your life to Jesus is more than mere words; we must also OBEY HIM.  Jesus never intended for Christianity to become what it's become today! He intended for us to love unconditionally and serve out in our community and in ALL that we do.  These things MUST ALWAYS be taken into consideration BEFORE listening to or financing in any way, any ministry asking for donations! 
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Ten Things God Told Us To Look For...
"The Jewish People"

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(1/10) THE FINAL COUNTDOWN: The Jewish People from Get A Life Media Ministries on Vimeo.The ultimate sign that you're headed for the worst day of your life would have to be this...You wake up one morning only to realize that you're family has suddenly disappeared. So you run to turn on your TV to see what's happening and there you watch a special worldwide news report declaring that millions of people all over the planet have simply vanished. As you spy the Bible on the coffee table, it suddenly dawns on you that you're family was right after all when they kept telling you about the rapture of the Church. Then to your horror, you realize that you've been left behind and have been catapulted into mankind's darkest hour, the 7-year Tribulation that really is coming upon the whole world. But thankfully, God is not only a God of wrath; He's a God of love as well. And because He loves you and I, He has given us many warning signs to show us that the Tribulation is near and that His 2nd Coming is rapidly approaching. Therefore, The Final Countdown takes a look at 10 signs given by God to lovingly wake us up so we'd give our lives to Him before it's too late. These signs are the Jewish People, Modern Technology, Worldwide Upheaval, The Rise of Falsehood, The Rise of Wickedness, The Rise of Apostasy, One World Religion, One World Government, One World Economy, and The Mark of the Beast. Like it or not folks, we are headed for The Final Countdown. Please, if you've haven't already done so, give your life to Jesus today, because tomorrow may be too late!

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"Modern Technology"

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"Worldwide Upheaval"

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"The Rise Of Falsehood"


"The Rise Of Wickedness"


Unfortunately for many, while at the same time very fortunate for those who belong to Christ, part of the end day prophecies are what we see being fulfilled in today's news!  One of the obvious things I notice when studying the Bible, and I mean obvious by it's lack of saying anything about it, is that the United States of America is NOT mentioned anywhere regarding the end day prophecies.  There are some who try their best to insert the US into prophecy, but the simple fact of the matter is that we're (as I live in the US myself) not there!  Perhaps what's going on in today's world is a huge clue to us that the United States is in it's final downfall.  I cannot say for certain, but what we've seen happen in the United States over just the past 20 years alone, leads me to believe that this is a nation destined for destruction.  This is not the same United States I was born into or grew up in.  As time passes, we see this nation becoming more and more a Marxist Nation who denies it's very form of beginnings, being Christianity.  We've seen God thrown out of everything public and it only gets worse as time goes on.  Now we have a president who has done the unthinkable for America - that is not supporting Israel, but instead embracing Iran and the Muslim nations who only want to destroy America and everything it "used" to stand for.  I'd say they've done a pretty good job with the help of Satan to bring this about through our very own leaders!  Below is a news report from Hal Lindsey that shows exactly where America is headed in these last days.  For those of us who belong to Christ, we need not worry, for He is with us and we know where our final destination is.  However, for those of you who do not belong to Christ, I pray that you reconsider what your "TRUTH" really is and BEG God to open your eyes and ears so that you too, may see and hear what's happening to not only this country, but to the world.  Jesus WILL return soon!  The Bible assures us that "when we see these things happening, look up, for the time of Jesus' return is nigh!"  For those of you who don't recognize this, it's from a list of things Jesus told us would happen in the end days right before His return.  The things He spoke of have happened - so there really isn't much time left.  We are, of course, on God's time-clock; but Jesus assured us in the Bible that when we saw all these things happening that we have been seeing in our world occur, that His return will be soon and immenent!  Those who don't know Jesus, think this could not possibly be true; and that's because they don't know the Bible and therefore, don't know the amazing accuracy of prophecy and that ALL prophecy from the Bible has not only come true, but came to pass in the exact detail as the Bible foretold!  For this reason, I beg anyone who doesn't know Jesus yet, anyone who doesn't have their salvation through Him, anyone who has not been born again in His Holy Spirit; to cry out to God immediately and ask Him, ask Jesus, to forgive you of your sins, be Lord of your life, give you His Holy Spirit, and save you from the coming destruction that will be the Tribulation!  It's ONLY WITH His Holy Spirit living within you, that anyone is led to see and hear all truth!  We all NEED this!  Especially in today's world where things just keep getting worse and worse! 

Jesus warned that the times that are coming would be the worst in history, that there was never, nor would ever be again, a time as destructive as the one we are going in to!  He even said that had not God shortened these days, that NO flesh would survive.  God gave each and every one of us what we all like to call a "conscience".  He gave this to us to help us know right from wrong.  Anyone who can't answer this question, needs to examine their own conscience very carefully and if you do, you will know that you need Jesus and His Word; for His Word as given to us in the Bible has all the answers you need!  So what is this question?  It's simply this:  "If you died tonight, would you go to heaven?"  If you cannot answer that question with a resounding and 100% confident "YES", then you need to repent and call on Jesus to save you!  I tell you this because I know how much God loves all of us.  But He will not force you to love Him or serve Him.  This must be your own decision.  Why do I even care?  Because God has put His love in my heart for ALL.  He does this with all His children.  Just like God, we too, do not want to see even one perish or be misled by satan and his lies.  We want you to experience the abundant love, peace, joy, guidance, wisdom, contentment, and so much more, that ONLY God can give!  To be His is so wonderful that there really are no words to express it.  Those of you who don't know God like this, really have no idea what your missing!  I know, because before I myself was born again in the Holy Spirit, I too didn't have any idea.  This is something that mere words can not describe, that only God can give you, that I would imagine is much like when the Bible told us that "no eye has seen, or mind conceived, nor ear heard, the wonderful plans God has in store for you!"  (Paraphrased from the Bible)  Let's be aware of what's happening not only here in the United States, but around the world too.  As the above series is so aptly entitled, we are most definately IN THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!
"The Hal Lindsey Report"
Prophecy In The News - 8/6/2010


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