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On this page, I've decided to start a site forum!  Many new pages and resources have been added over the past few months and there are plans to add MUCH MORE!  So, I started a News Group where I will be adding all the new things I'm adding to this site as we go along!  The "News From" is designed to keep you informed of what's being added and when!  It also gives you a place to voice your thoughts and/or anything you might like to see on this site that isn't yet here!  Below, I'm also adding a blog so that anyone can comment on anything they feel they want to talk about!  I pray you enjoy this!  Take care & God Bless!

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My ONLY rule, is that there is NO pornographic or bad language allowed! Keep it clean folks! Remember, what comes out of our mouths comes from what's in our hearts! As Jesus said in finishing this thought, "it's what's in the heart that makes a person unclean" (paraphrased)!

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